1:1 Spiritual Advisory

We are here to guide your awakening from the duality reality matrix. We move beyond intellectual knowledge into the realm of eternal, blissful love.  You will experience ultimate divine internalization through practices and integration of the Eternal Knowledge.  Experience true transformation now. Brain learning

Online Discourses

Spiritual, Non Dual Self-Realized Enlightenment integrated at your own desired pace from anywhere around the world.  This Eternal knowledge is the key to our infinite lives ending the karma and darma patterns. Sharing this knowledge, experiencing Eternal Bliss, and Peace Globally is right at your fingertips as never before. Hawaii

Workshops & Medicine Ceremonies

Experience the pillars of timeless Consciousness, Spirituality, and Enlightened Wisdom.  Actualization and Self-Realization principles are shared in person for students. We equally offer teacher training certifications designed to share physical, emotional and spiritual development around the world.

Next Steps…

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