Self-Actualized Divine One, Sage, has decades of Teaching Metaphysical and Self-realization sharing around the world. Lecturer, Speaker and Student in the World for over twenty years on the Body Mind Spirit circuit, Sage’s Passion is in Assisting others to integrate and REMEMBER their Self-Actualized DivineNess. The State of BEING ‘One’ and Higher Truth Teachings are experienced with Sage.

The DisSolution of the Egoic Mind, Primal Imprint, Patterning and States of Mind is Ending the Karmic Wheel of the Life Death Cycle and ONE experiences the integration to the Self-Realization Process. She loves sharing the Highest Teachings to the Awakened that belong to the World of Enlightenment.



Asana is an international speaker, teacher and student whose greatest passion is Realizing Self, which brought awareness to herself as an Actualized Being.

Her deep desire for community is facilitated weekly during her Wellness Circle for over thirteen years now. She has integrated metaphysics for over forty years mainly focused on Spirituality, Health and Wellness teaching and using Life Force Energy in a variety of forms. This includes her Raw Food demonstrations, classes, and private instruction as a trained Raw Food Chef.

If you have the feeling there is more to life, your right, there is! She is compassionate about uplifting and supporting your discovery and remembrance of your Divine Actualized Self, your true nature. Asana invites you to take the most exciting and rewarding adventure of your life, getting to know the infinite layers and levels within you.

Asana would love to share your journey to Self Realization now!


Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn is trained as a licensed marriage and family therapist, behavior analyst, and professor who enjoys experiential healing with children and families. Bridging the gap between scientific principles of psychotherapy and Divine One Essence is so exciting to her clients.

Jamie’s mission to bring love and light in the world integrates the Highest Teachings. Learn to live your life free of dualistic patterns and judgment, while embracing true freedom as Divine love.


Joy Brumley

Joy Brumley is a rare business executive guiding those in banking and sales markets who desire self-actualization. Twenty years of successful intuitiveness on large scale, extensive sales team management illuminates light into a world traditionally pained with low consciousness.

Guiding the way to your “Heart Life” in the competitive world of banking and sales is her humbled passion. Your life’s perceived challenges are truly your most exciting, joyous creations. Joy is honored to guide your self-realization journey.


Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie blends her innate guided intuition gifts with light hearted compassion. She is an expert navigator with more then thirty years as a master body worker & mentor. Dawn shares her worldly acquisition of places, people, books, and teachings answering the age old questions, “Is this all there is, why do we keep doing the same thing over and over again, why can’t we just be happy?”

Dawn Marie enjoys bringing individuals and couples into their awakened Divine One. Let’s play together while we unwrap your illusionary cocoon. Fly away from your patterned reality into a Divine ray of light.



Loreen is dedicated to be of service to others on the planet. Loreen encourages others by teaching the need to be cognizant of our physical world in alignment with this sacred knowledge as One knows they are in the world not of the world.

The unexpected crossing of Loreen’s son fifteen years ago sparked her own spiritual journey. The Eastern tradition of the Advaita Vedanta teachings quickly brought Loreen to her humbled enlightened path. Teaching you to love life, breath, and resolve dharma is her greatest joy of the Divine One.


Cindy Boyum

Cindy Boyum is trained as a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She loves being a Master Spiritual Advisor with Divine One Center. She has coached adults and teens for over 15 years employing the art of self-enlightening empowerment. Cindy vibrates so much love with simplicity and fun.

Finding your own passion, knowing your own highest self, and moving past low vibrating states of mind brings centered, blissful, and endless love to her advisees. Playful essence in her teachings and private sessions holds needed space for others to be vulnerable, laugh, and find acceptance in what is. Moving you quickly through the Enlightenment and Self – Actualization process is waiting for you with Cindy now!]



Sharon receives Divine Guidance with the Akashic Records helping others discover Truth of Self, bringing harmony, balance, and deeper awareness into your life. Illuminating your enlightened path towards successful relationships and health is her greatest joy. Free your HeartWall’s trapped emotions that block your heart energies flow through the body with new possibilities of love.

Healing experiences with Sharon raises your vibrational frequency towards success, happiness and love through clarity, wisdom, and greater understanding in the world. You can access and connect with Spirit through individual and group readings. Follow your heart sparking creativity, self-esteem, and success with Sharon now!



A Hawaiian Big Island resident, D.J.’s thirty-five year spiritual path offers advanced teachings owning remembrance of Self Realization. Her service to Source shares Higher Truths within corporate, employment, personal and family mediation contexts.

After retiring from teaching special education, DJ now serves on her community board and has dedicated the remainder of this illusory existence in assisting others attain remembrance of Self Realization.



Stephen as the Enlightened One, Knows that the Separation Never Occurred, Is a Teacher, Speaker and a Successful Business Entrepreneur. Stephen is Utmost, Kind, Heart-Centered Compassionate Encourager for All on Their Path. He Loves taking Every Person from Where They Are, to their Next Level.

Resolving Duality, Polarity Bringing It Back to Oneness as Source Offers Great Success to Others. Helping You to Look Inside Discovering “Who Am I? and Why am I Here? Stephen’s Ultimate Life Dedication. Love Is All There Is.

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