Jan 11 – Separation/Primal Imprint
Separation is a concept that occurs only in your Egoic Mind. It perpetuates the MithyA and supports Victim Consciousness. Understanding how your Egoic Mind first Conceived and Perceived this concept can literally free yourself and is known as Primal Imprint. A Dis~Solving Process allows you to remember Self as your “Brahman Self’. The Ultimate Truth is that the Separation NEVER OCCURRED!  It’s only a Concept!

Jan 25 – Patterning/States of Mind/Dis~Solving
Are you having the same experience over and over again?  Learn your Egoic Mind Patterns and Dis~Solve your States of Mind to free yourself from the Life/Death Cycle.  Your States of Mind create your reality!

Feb 8 – Everything Mirrors You
There are 12 different mirrors that reflect back to us about our States of Mind and help us to understand our patterns.
1 – Reflection of Present or Past
2 – Reflection of Judgement
3 – Reflection of Loss
4 – Reflection of your most forgotten love
5 – Reflection of the Mother/Father/God/Goddess/Creator
6 – The Mystery of the Dark Night of the Soul
7 – Reflection of your Greatest Act of Compassion
8 – Mirror of Illusion
9 – The Reflection of opposites/Contrasts
10 – Mirror of Perfection
11 – Mirror of Acceptance
12 – Perfect Allowance Always

Feb 22 – Self Inquiry/Master Mind
Every living being longs to be perpetually happy, without any misery. Since in everyone the highest love is alone felt for oneself, and since happiness alone is the cause of love, in order to attain that happiness, which is one’s real nature and which is experienced daily in the mindless state of deep sleep, it is necessary to know oneself. To achieve that, inquiry in the form “Who am I?” is the foremost mean.

March 7 – Rising in Consciousness
There are many different levels of Consciousness. Everything has Consciousness, however, a rock and an animal do not have the same consciousness, nor does an animal and Human Being. There are many levels of Consciousness in Human Beings as well. What level of Consciousness are you reflecting in your reality?

March 21 – Present Moment Awareness
Eckhart Tolle states that by the age of 29 he was mostly depressed and didn’t really have a purpose in life. He experienced an “inner transformation” that led to years and years of exploring and understanding his previous State of Mind and what helped him overcome it.

Here are a couple of quotes from him about the Present Moment:
“Realize deeply that the Present Moment is all you have. Make the ‘now’ the primary focus of your life.”
“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.”



Monthly Discourse with Sage

Every 1st Tuesday of the month

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Sage teaches Self Realization as One (Ancient Eastern Vedanta Wisdom). There is an hour Discourse from Sage followed by an hour of questions with each attendee.