Aloha Divine Ones,

We would love to have you join us! Below are some details about the retreat:

The Awareness Retreat will be held at: Hale Mohala

Lunch is provided Mon – Thurs

Private Sessions with Teachers are available on Friday ($120 per hour).

Places to stay: Search online (places to stay near Pahoa Big Island HI). This will give you a listing of places to stay ranging from $68 per night and up.

Closest airport is Hilo Airport on the east side of the Big Island, Hawaii, Hawaii an hour from Pahoa Village where the retreat is being held. Alternative airport is Kailua-Kona Airport on the west side of the island and is 2 1/2 hours from Pahoa.

Car rentals are available at the airport and a few other places in town.

Things you might bring include: Sun Screen, Insect Repellent, Umbrella, Raincoat, Walking Shoes, Light Jacket, mostly Summer Clothing.

To register or for more information contact:
Sage at 828-719-6097.


Four Principles – Building Blocks
These 4 principles will answer every “Why Question” you’ll ever have. These principles are Facinatingly Revealing and will speak to why you do what you do and have , like it or not!

Understanding This Illusion AKA MithyA
Understanding this MithyA in detail. With that Revealing the Construct of this Illusory World helping you to once and for all in understanding what and why the ‘Concept of Separation’ has such a hold over you.`

Vedanta is not about believing or disbelieving but knowing by seeking the Absolute Truth. Therefore, Vedanta motivates and guides you to find out the Reality of Yourself vs your Personal i.

The World is not External. Perception of the world happens spontaneously in the Self, against the unchanging background of reality, like the dream that occurs in sleep. First Teacher Ishwara is The all pervading ONE, The Cause of all Worlds! As you Listen to this DisCourse, you’ll Remember your Personal God Head is Unfolding, Leading and Creating your Path. You are that Self, not an individual i, but you have forgotten about it. In fact, the individual person that appears to have forgotten is also happening spontaneously as one of the characters in the dream of life, while the Self rests peacefully in its own completeness.

Learn what is the whole new craze of Tantra, who practices it, where did it come from, and when did it make it’s way into mainstream practices.
Understand why are these sacred teachings of Tantra so important to our lives, why is everyone talking about Tantra sex, and, of course, how do we apply it into our Divine One essence.
Tantra is the ancient practice of a powerful combination of asana, mantra, mudra, and bandha (energy lock) and chakra (energy center) work that can be used to build strength, clarity, and sidhi (bliss) in everyday life. Some believe that Tantra Yoga is more intricate and beneficial than other forms of yoga.
Why we practice Tantra in our relationships in life – a living connection with what is: opening yourself, your senses, your awareness, and your emotions

Master Mind & Open Heart = Bliss & Fulfillment
The 5 Kleches – The goal of Enlightenment/Awakening is not to obtain something that is lacking: It is the realization of an already Present Reality. Remove the obstacles that obstruct the experience of Samdhi, or the state of complete Absorption. There are 5 obstacles (Kleches in Sanskirt) that offer an easy way to identify and approach these obstacles.

Loving Yourself and Others
Become aware of and learn how to identify mental and emotional abuse by others and the subtle ways we abuse others and ourselves.

Know Yourself Through Self Inquiry
Know your Self by knowing your True Nature underneath your self imposed personality and who your mind thinks you are. How to practice Self-Inquiry.

The Truth about Manifesting
Learn how we really manifest through Vibration and Frequency. Learn about how the Elemental’s play and important roll in broadcasting our vibrations.

DisSolving your States of Mind (Feelings) will free your Egoic Mind and allow you to experience Being Present. Understanding how your mind formed, through Primal Imprint, will allow you to free yourself from your Patterned Experiences and step off the Karmic Wheel of the Life/Dealth Cycle. In this DisCourse I will share a Technique with you that Teaches you the DisSolution Process of “how to” DisSolve your States of Mind and Free your Egoci Mind! This is Self Realization!

Separation Never Occurred
Separation is a Concept that occurs only in your Egoic Mind. The Concept of Separation perpetuates the MithyA and supports Victim Consciousness. Understanding how your Egoic Mind first Conceived and Perceived this Concept can literally allow you to free yourself and through this DisSolving Process allows you to remember Self Realization as your “Brahman Self”. The Ultimate Truth is that the Separation NEVER OCCURRED! It’s only a Concept!

Conpassionate Listening
Compassionate Listening is a Way of Life. To Truly Listen is One of the Greatest Ways to Be of Service to Others. It is Living from your Heart, Not your Head!

Every life situation is a perfect Life Lesson
This is the One Lesson We All Need to Learn. There are No Mistakes, No Coincidences. Everything Happens for a Reason, to Teach Us to Realize as We are already in Perfect Harmony.

Is God Expressing Through Us?
Have you ever wondered why you suffer and where it comes from? Discover and realize how to go beyond suffering through your Higher Mind of Love. Integrate this knowledge and and Know your True Self!

Is the Inner World and Outer World the Same One Thing?
Did you ever get an AH HA moment, an inspiration, a gut or intuitive feeling, or an answer to a question that you instantaneously knew was right? Discover how to access this Knowledge or Higher Wisdom consciously and purposely. Learn to Connect and Trust your Higher Mind!

What is All Knowing Absolute Higher Consciousness About?
Discover how your Outer World is a reflection or mirror of your Inner World. Most of us try to change our Outer World, but in reality the Outer World originates from the Inner World/Core/Source. As we self-inquire/go within to our Inner World with this technique and meditation, you will realize and experience the Inner World and Outer World as one and the same!

What is Enlightened One Swami Keiyanda Sharing with You?
Discover who Kriyananda was and his message. His message of accessing and being in Awareness, Bliss and Beyond the analytical mind. Learn how to enter into your True Awakened Self!

Optional Activities

Healthy Plant Education and Demonstration
A couple of Green Smoothies will be deomonstrated and a couple of ways to work with Chocolate and Avocados. You will learn about the health benefits to your body for each of the ingrediants that are used. All these demos are made with a blender (Vita Mix) and are easy to make and made with common ingrediants. You will also have the opportunity to taste each of the items made.

Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga is a modern exercise involving prolonged voluntary laughter. This type of yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides similar physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. It is usually done in groups, with eye contact and lots of playfulness between participants.

Akashic Records
Akashic records is a library like an icloud where all recorded information is stored. Experience the energy of the Akashic Records and greater insight and awareness may help to further your personal and spiritual growth igniting creativity, self-esteem and success. 
Sharon receives Divine Guidance from the Akashic Records helping others discover Truth of Self, bringing harmony, balance and a deeper awareness into your life. Connect with Spirit and follow your heart in this group reading.

ALOHA! Nearby Puna Attractions

The main road going east, at the bottom, from the Retreat Center is known locally as The Red Road <H137>. Along that road, with its beautiful view, are wonderful places to pull over and spend an afternoon sipping your favorite beverage while gazing at the Pacific Ocean. From December through March, you’ll see ONE’s watching for whales that frequent our shores. There are more exciting sites to visit along our country by-way that can be visited with a quick drive. The Ohana where you are staying may have chairs for you to use.

Here’s our list of things to consider:

Uncle Robert’s Awa Bar – Restaurant and Market, a few miles from where you are staying. Open all day Saturday and Wednesday evening, includes food stalls, Hawaiian music and dancing. Wednesday is a MUST!!

Kehena black sand beach – Mile Marker #19 on the Red Road <H137>, Park on the road and climb down a fairly steep path. (Clothing Optional Beach)

Pohoiki – Isaac Hale Park. Swimming and surfing. Water warmed by deep lava. Nearby hot pond is in jungle. This is the world’s newest beach created in 2018. You can no longer access this area from the northeast entrances. The Red Road is currently the only access.

Historic piece of Kings Highway that circles island – just east of Mile Marker #16 on the Red Road, between Mile Marker #16 & 17.

Ancient Hawaiian village site on the Red Road, ocean side, follow the path behind the graves at the middle of the cemetery.

Lava Tree State Park – Stone trees where lava flowed around them and suddenly drained away. Access from Pahoa on <H132>.

Haunted MacKenzie State Park – Lava tube, cliffs, petroglyphs. (Flip flops or Tennis shoes.) Mile Marker #13 on Red Road.

Outside of Puna Area :

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – Spectacular even when there is no hot lava to view many trails.

Ka’u Desert – Footprints from historic battle.

Punalu’u State Park – Black sand beach. Green turtles. Swimming and snorkeling. Pack your picnic.

Hilo Zoo – Beautiful gardens featuring many types of palm trees and orchids. The gardens are more exciting than the wildlife collection, though they have some beautiful birds.

Rainbow Falls – In downtown central Hilo, near hospital.

Akaka Falls – 12 miles north of Hilo.

Zip-line tour at Akaka Falls – google to find several companies offering Zip lining all over the Island!

Hilo Tsunami Museum – In old bank building on bay front. Interesting history lesson for rainy day!

Waipio Valley – Suggest hired tour unless you have 4-wheel drive.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens north of Hilo.

Nearby Activities:

Uncle Robert’s in Kaimu -, at the end of <H137> the Red Road. Wednesday evenings is a market and fair. Lots of music. Hula. Lots to eat. Recommend you arrive around 5pm. $2 & $5 parking in the lot. Free parking on the street. Very popular.

Seaview Front Park – Drum Circle, Sunday on the lawn in front of the Castle. Totally informal ‘hippie’ gathering at about 3:00 in the afternoon. Very popular, approximately Mile Marker #18 on the Red Road <137>


Warm Ponds, or in Hawaiian Ahalanui Park aka Pu’ala’a County Park may be listed in your guidebooks, but they were destroyed by the recent lava flows.

Isaac Hale Park, also known as Pohoiki, is home to the world’s newest black sand beach! Created during the lava flow of 2018, the new beach covers what was once a boat ramp into Pohoiki Bay. Locals have planted hundreds of new palm trees. Shade may be some what Limited. Surfing looks pretty good. Great place for a beach picnic. Showers and picnic tables have not been replaced since the lava flow. A street sign will direct you and there will be a stop sign. Located off of the Red Road <H137>

Kehena Black Sand Beach – on the Red Road <137> Mile Marker #19. Open ocean frequently visited by dolphins. Can be rough, so pay attention to swimmers to decide where the best swimming is. You need good walking shoes, not flip flops, to go down the cliff to get to the beach. There is a trail near the turn-out parking area.

There are several places where lava has created small tide pools on the Red Road (East of Mile Marker #16). You may see families there with small children, or even adults enjoying the beautiful views. It is recommended that you do not go into the open ocean in these locations. The water may be deep and there may be no footing for you to get yourself out of the water.

There are several beach parks in Hilo along Kalanianaole Avenue. Some with sea turtles. Carlsmith Beach Park, Richardson Ocean Park, and more.

About 75 miles from Pahoa (1 hour, 40 minutes) south on Highway 11, Punalu’u Black Sand Beach is good for snorkeling and to observe the huge green turtles that pull themselves up onto the sand to warm up in the sun. No showers, and only minor services, but a nice place to take a picnic.

Even further than Punalu’u, you can explore Green Sand Beach. This is near South Point. You’ll need to hike in or pay for a dune-taxi if operating that day or you need a 4- wheel drive, very rough. If you want white sand beaches, they’re located on the Kona side of Big Island, about 125 miles from here.

Other Local Attractions on the East Side of Hawai’i

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park
Ka’u Desert
Ka’u Coffee
Punalu’u State Park
Hilo Zoo
Rainbow Falls
Akaka Falls State Park
Laupahoehoe Bay
Kaumana Cave Hilo
Zip-line Tour Akaka Falls
Hilo Tsunami Museum
Waipio Valley
Green Sand Beach
South Point
Mauna Kea
Botanical Gardens
Contemporary Art Museum
Big Island Tea Company – Reservations
Onomea Tea Company – Reservations Chocolate & Cacao Farm Tours –– hawaii/

You may still visit Mauna Kea Summit. Please note the changes at the Visitors Information Center:

The Maunakea Visitor Information Station (VIS) on Hawaii Island is open from 9 am to 5 pm seven days a week. The Visitor Information Station (VIS), is at the 9,200-foot (2,800 m) level of Maunakea, Visiting the Summit Please check Summit Road Conditions before you come! If you are planning to visit the summit, we highly recommend that you stop at the Visitor Information Station (VIS) at 9,200 ft to receive a current weather update, safety information, and to adjust to the change in altitude. Maunakea is one of the only places in the world where you can drive from sea level to 14,000 feet in about 2 hours. At 14,000 feet, there is 40% less oxygen than at sea level, so visitors should acclimatize to the altitude before proceeding further up the mountain. Visitors are advised that only TRUE 4-wheel drive vehicles with LOW range travel above the VIS. About 200 yards beyond the station, the pavement ends, and the next five miles are a steep graded- gravel road. Before proceeding visitors should consult their rental vehicle company or review their contract concerning visiting the summit of Maunakea. The visiting hours to the summit area are from 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset. For groups of 10 or more, a Special Use permit is required.

Professional Massage

When in Hawaii on vacation, a great massage may be what you need to relax. Rates vary greatly and may change. Some may charge more to visit your Ohana, rather than you going to their studio.

Zander Carver
$60/hr., $90 for 90 min., $120/2 hrs. 

Jen Dietz
Contact: text (808) 258-8377 or
Out-call rates are $90/hr., $120/90 min., $150/2 hrs.

Amy Doff
Contact: email or text (808) 937-6456
Located in Kehena, a few streets away from the beach
Rates for studio or out-call are $80/hr. or $120/90 min. 

Maxwell Starkhouse
Studio in Kehena Beach Estates or out-call
Rates are $70 1hr., $100 1.5 hrs. 

Diana Stelzer
Contact: 808-345-5346
Rates: $90/hr., $130/90 min., $160/2 hrs., $190/2.5 hrs., $220/3 hrs.

The Origin of SHAKA

“Hang loose,” “Right on,” “Thank you,” “Things are great,” “Take it easy” – in Hawaii, the shaka sign expresses all those friendly messages and more. As kama’aina know, to make the shaka, you curl your three middle fingers while extending your thumb and baby finger. For emphasis, quickly turn your hand back and forth with your knuckles facing outward.

As the story goes, that ubiquitous gesture traces its origins back to the early 1900s when Hamana Kalili worked at Kahuku Sugar Mill. His job as a presser was to feed cane through the rollers to squeeze out its juice. One day, Kalili’s right hand got caught in the rollers, and his middle, index and ring fingers were crushed.

After the accident, the plantation owners gave Kalili a new job as the security officer for the train that used to run between Sunset Beach and Kaaawa. Part of his job was to prevent kids from jumping on the train and taking joyrides as it slowly approached and departed Kahuku Station.
If Kalili saw kolohe (mischievous) kids trying to get on the train, he would yell and wave his hands to stop them. Of course, that looked a bit strange since he had only two fingers on his right hand. The kids adopted that gesture; it became their signal to indicate Kalili was not around or not looking, and the coast was clear for them to jump on the train.

According to a March 31, 2002 Honolulu Star-Bulletin story, Kalili was the choir director at his ward (congregation) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) in Laie. Even though his back was to the congregation, worshipers recognized him when he raised his hands to direct the choir because of his missing fingers.

Kalili also served as “king” of the church fundraiser – complete with a hukilau, luau and show – that was held annually for years until the 1970s. Photos show him greeting attendees with his distinctive wave. The term “shaka” is not a Hawaiian word. It’s attributed to David “Lippy” Espinda, a used car pitchman who ended his TV commercials in the 1960s with the gesture and an enthusiastic “Shaka, brah!” In 1976, the shaka sign was a key element of Frank Fasi’s third campaign for mayor of Honolulu. He won that race and used the shaka icon for three more successful mayoral bids, serving six terms in all.

In Hawaii, everyone from Keiki to Kupuna uses the shaka to express friendship, gratitude, goodwill, encouragement and unity. A little wave of the hand spreads a lot of aloha.

Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi
Photo – The Hamana Khalili statue at the Polynesian Cultural Center